Speaking Topics & Themes for 2019

Major Speaking Themes for 2019

The Over-Connected World
The world is becoming more vulnerable as everything gets more connected. The Internet of Things even allows your phone to control your fridge! However, attacks on networks can flash around the world in seconds.
Are we living in a “Brittle New World” that is prone to sudden catastrophic risks? Can businesses survive an Electronic Hurricane?
What lessons can we learn from Complexity Science?

Evolution & Unpredictability
Evolutionary Biology suggests we are a mistake – the product of chance mutations. Can this offer lessons in risk taking & decision making?
What chance do we have of predicting the future?
Can evolution offer better ideas and ways to think and plan for the future?

The Big Data Dilemma
The current excitement regarding “Big Data” is everywhere – Is this misplaced?
The banks started crunching masses of data in the 90s and then applied sophisticated models for risk that proved disastrous. Is the rest of the commercial world about to make the same mistakes?
Do we risk making poor decisions because of “Model Mania” and misunderstanding the limitations of data?

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