Podcast US Elections, Inflation and Slowing Economies

In this podcast Marc Ross & I discuss the US Election 2022.

What’s next in US politics, dealing with global inflation challenges & slowing economies.

Why NFTs & the Skyscraper Index matter.

North Korea missile tests. and Ukraine as a testbed for weapons.


LBC – Money Podcast Interview on Market Crashes & Bear Markets

“LBC MONEY PODCAST – Michael Wilson & David Buik talks to Gerald Ashley, the distinguished risk manager, writer & investment banker about market crashes and recessions over the last 35 years – fascinating!”


Click on the latest Episode “Can you spot a market crash coming”

What I talk about these days

As the world of live gatherings is at last recovering and gathering pace (Not least because I sense people are bored rigid with Zoom calls etc) I thought I would outline the current speaking topics that I’m doing.

I continue to do a variety of talks on the differences between Risk and Uncertainty, and allied to this the dangers of relying only on past “Big” data. I look at why models fail, and always will. The dangers of seeing Risk as a bounded game with fixed rules that can be “won”. I particularly dislike the Life is Chess/Poker fallacy – nothing could be further from the truth.

I also talk about what I called the E’s of decision making and risk taking; namely punctuated Equilibrium, Emergence and Entanglement. All of these are rooted in Complexity science and Evolutionary theory. Business is not a machine but an organism, and I try to give real life examples of all these elements.

One other area I’m very interested in is innovation and creativity. The standard business models of Command and Control and a fanatical desire to “control costs” are the enemies of new ideas, products and services. I try to explain how outward looking and enquiring business models are the only proven way to grow businesses and generate wealth.

As well as speaking a great deal on these topics, I should really try and write this blog more frequently – but don’t hold your breath (Speaking is now once again swallowing a lot of my time)

Latest Podcast – with special guest David Buik

A great pleasure to welcome on David Buik, the renowned City commentator

In this episode we discuss:

+ Biden’s trip to Asia

+ Japanese energy security

+ India’s geopolitics

+ Leftists forming an anti-Macron alliance

+ Battle for Ohio blue-collar voters in November

+ Expanding NATO to Hawaii

+ Asking if the sanctions against Russia are working

+ What they are reading and watching

Watch here: https://lnkd.in/gR9j6xvi

New Blog Out Now – Hi-vis jacket solutions

On this episode of Brigadoon Radio, Gerald Ashley, Nate Green, and Marc Ross discuss the French presidential election, nationalism vs. globalism, the Republican primary for US Senate in Ohio, JD Vance, John Fetterman, Boris Johnson, high-vis jackets, the future of downtown office buildings, vertical farms, the Santa Fe Institute, and what they are reading and watching.