Other Blogs I Can Recommend

It’s time I acknowledged some other bloggers, all of whom provide interesting and thoughtful material. I can strongly recommend each of these.

David Miller – Diary of a Fund Manager


Christian Hunt – The Human Risk Blog


Daniel Ross – A Load of BS


2 thoughts on “Other Blogs I Can Recommend

  1. Thank you – onwards and upwards I hope.

    Wish I wrote a political blog – so much to satirise. Jonathan Swift would have enjoyed mimsel.

    All the best



    1. David
      Yes all v Swiftian
      Here’s a thought – may your thoughts on the “S” word – Security

      Energy Security
      Fuel Security
      Cyber Security
      Food Security
      Pharma Security
      Military Security
      Communications Security
      Fin Payments Security
      All will be more expensive in either Time or Money…or both?!
      Just in time delivery, Quarterly Earnings etc are often turning out to be expensive “short cuts”, and now the bill for the last 10/15 years is arriving?!
      Cheerful as ever!
      Best Gerald

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