Two Speed World – Physics and Business

In 2010 Terry Lloyd and I wrote a book called Two Speed World in which we set out to examine the two modes of change….incremental and disruptive, in the world of business and finance

A recent article here looks at the issues from a physics standpoint.

In particular I was struck by this opening paragraph in the article (which is well worth reading)

“In The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, the philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn observed that scientists spend long periods taking small steps. They pose and solve puzzles while collectively interpreting all data within a fixed worldview or theoretical framework, which Kuhn called a paradigm. Sooner or later, though, facts crop up that clash with the reigning paradigm. Crisis ensues. The scientists wring their hands, reexamine their assumptions and eventually make a revolutionary shift to a new paradigm, a radically different and truer understanding of nature. Then incremental progress resumes.”